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(Blackinnon at James and Lily’s wedding. For anon)

Marlene never did like weddings. She found them boring, even when it was her best friend at the altar. So that was why, when she should’ve been listening to James’ vows, she was concentrating on playing with Sirius’ hand.

“You’re supposed to be listening,” he hissed into her ear, gaining an eye-roll from her.

“To what?” She asked, “James saying a shitload of memorized lines about how he’s felt since third year?”

Sirius continued looking straight ahead; the only sign that he heard her was a small grin growing. “Exactly.”

Marlene let out a puff of air, and buried her head in the crook of Sirius’ neck. This was simply to hide her words from Remus who was sitting next to her, since he had been starting to glare at them. “I hate weddings.”

“Don’t we all? Watching another couple have everything that you can’t – it’s cruel, really.” Maybe it was because he was a better actor at her, or because he was Sirius Black, but no one seemed to have heard his words – or maybe they had, and were just used to it.

“If we ever get married, I don’t want us to write vows.” It wasn’t until she said it that she realised; Marlene had just implied that they were going to get married. No, it wasn’t because she didn’t want to marry him; it was just because she never expected them to last.

“Agreed. If we ever do, of course.” There was a strange tone of ease in Sirius’ voice. That, and a mixture of anticipation, as if he wanted to marry her. But did she even want to get married?

Yes, she decided finally, she did. But she wouldn’t do it to please anyone, or to fit the conformities of what was expected of her. She would do it because she loved him.

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New Born Deer x

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Ezra Miller photographed by Nicolas Guerin

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I cannot even explain how fucking accurate this is.

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Beautiful! :)

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